Share documents and information about your academy players easily and safely

With BonaMea Sport you can collect all the documents regarding the players in one place, and give exclusive access to selected parties – the players agent, parents or others.

Uploading and sharing documentation has never been easier.

Visit to learn more about data rooms.

How can I make the transition from paper to digital data rooms?

The transition from paper to BonaMea Sport’s digital data rooms is smooth and easy.

  1. Establish folder structure(s) that best suits your needs
  2. Scan your files (if you don’t already have them in a digital form)
  3. Drag from your computer and drop into the right folder on BonaMea Sport
  4. Share information with selected parties. Your only need their mobile numbers to be able to share documentation with them
  5. Keep an overview over who has seen what and when easily with the help of an access report