How can sport organizations use BonaMea Sport?

BonaMea Sport is used by sport organizations to gather all the documents belonging to the organization in one place, and give selective access to those concerned. 


Bona Mea Sport can be used to gather all the players’ information in one place, and give each player the access to their own documents, so that they always have a good overview.

Sports Academy

Most clubs have a sports academy, and need to communicate and share documents with both players and parents. BonaMea Sport can be used to gather all the information about the players at the academy, and give access to the players, coaches and parents.

The Board

All organizations have a board, and the board often needs to structure and organize their work easily. With BonaMea Sport, all board documents can be gathered in the dataroom and access given to the board members. In this way, the board meetings and work in between board meetings will be much easier and more transparent.